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To the right are all the main menus to the left are the most reasent blogs and links to kristjans images

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Blogs. Under Blogs. comes most of what Kristjan writes.

Here the two of them publish their calendar on the net. The diary can be found in Icelandic here So go buy a dictionary and start learning :-)

Now you can read it in English here

Image galleries. Here are few images from Kristjan and Guðný.

Flickr gallery
The main gallery for images is now on flickr. It can be found in the right hand bar of the site. You can also click here

Kristjans travel images
Kristjans Main Photography galleries are found elsewhere and to the left there is usually a picture (that is a link to images) and below it are links to the main galleries and to stock agencies that have Kristjans images. His art images and poetry can be found

RV Travels (New)

Here Kristjan will write about Rv's and travelling in Rv's. Give links to all kinds of informations related to the joy of selecting, buying, building, maintaining and traveling in an RV or Expedition vehicle. You can access it here RV Travels

Traveled countries.
Here we will have our feelings about the country we have traveled through. So as long as we are finished with each country the stories start to stream here


Here I was going to brag about the equipment we use on the trip and probably will as we are not sponsored by any one and there for can speak our meaning about how things work.It will be posted here

Guðnýs writing Guðný writes in Icelandic about the experience we are having, so grab that dictionary once again and start reading.(postponed for a while because of here writings for Icelandic national magazine)

Kristjan on Photography

Here Kristjan will shred or praise software and discuss the things about photography that get on his mind. This will get to be debatable chapter on this web so stay tuned for some fun. There is a lot to read here

Food is fun
At least so do we think and when we have had some fun in the kitchen and cooked up some thing we think is almost original or at least our creative version.Food is fun is here

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Be sure to register (you might have to do it twice for it to work, god knows why) so you can follow read and write the comments that are written by you and other guests.



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