The list of Equipment we use in our work

After a lengthy process and checking out of every resources I have made the decision about what camera can take the tour and I expect to be the all around camera for this trip.

I have worked with many types of cameras through the years. Also when it comes to digital.

Image for Securitas money transfer, shot on Fuji S2, © kristjan Logason

This shot for Securitas was shot on Fuji S2 camera which I did not really like. In this case it did not matter much as it is heavily Photoshoped even though al the elements are from the same shot

The announcement of which brand I did in the end get will be made before the tour starts. but at the moment not.

So What do you think I choose?
Will it be
Phase one or what?

Canon it will be

It was in fact not all thad hard decision. It just came down to money (as always) and service.

I have my Nikon based Kodak camera. For portrait and images in controlled environment at 160 iso it is good. But the service is terrible. And here in Iceland it is none existing. It was for a reason that I did not deal with the Kodak company here in Iceland. I had worked there for few months and the management was not thinking things right. Still when I bought mine it was the best option at the time.

Image for securitas emergency center, shot on the Kodak SRL Pro/n, © kristjan Logason

This image for Securitas was shot on the Kodak SRL Pro/n

It may come as a surprise to some one that I have chosen the "old" Canon 1Ds Mll. But one thing is known for certain. This is a very good camera. There are some characters of the now newer 5D that I do not like. I don''t know what it is but its like with film, some films you like some not. I feel that sensors are the same. Some you like some you don''t. There are many things I like about the Kodak sensor. But there are much more things I like about the Canon. The handling and water, dust resistance is also a lot better.

Why the Canon

I have worked with the Canon even though I have not owned one, until now.

Image for Securitas home security shot on Canon 1Ds Mll

The biggest factor was service at Beco the Icelandic reseller and service station in Iceland I knew I would get top service. I always have, ever since I bought my first professional camera through them. Even though I have not always bought all my equipment from them I have been treated more than well by them.

I will probably use the C1 for process as it resembles the Photodesk from Kodak most. That was the only thing Kodak really did right. The raw converter. First version of the Canon DPP was so terrible most people only opened it once and then turn to other software. Im told that now I should take a look at the latest version of Canon DPP, its still a bit slow but handles colors and other things superbly. Hopefully I will post my experience with the Canon DPP soon on one of my blogs. Now Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are used.

So what lenses did I go with.

16 -35
24 - 70
70 - 200
and 24 ts
plus extenders and two flashes with the transmitter.

My Kodak is not sellable so it will go also. Probably my wife will be using that one most of the time. Except if Canon wants to sponsor me and see to it that I change every thing over to them. I have also been getting some fine results with it in BW and will use it ''till I get same or better results with the Canon. it has mostly to do with software work.

For the extreme cases and Hiking I will bring a long my dear Mamyia 7. Probably not going to use it much but who knows. It has never ever stoped on me. Not even in crazy weather and cold as hell skiing trip to Drangjökull Glacier few years ago. It works no matter what, as long as it gets its film and battery.

Tripods, reflectors and some small stuff to make things easier will also be tagged along. To much of junk but who knows. better safe than sorry.

As Axel says "Reserve muss man haben" or spare parts one must have.

Computer stuff

All the computer stuff irritates me, but it also is going to make my life some what easier. So stuff like external hard disks and all sorts of cables and software disk are thrown in there to.
I will be backing up to hard disks and sending one home when its full. Keeping the other with me.
My Photoshelter site is also going to serve as backup and portal for my images. Through it I hopefully will sell and share images.

We are Mac based and it has not been any problem in my life so far. I hope it will not be now. I will have my power book and Guðný will have here Ibook. the only thing I fear regarding the computers is the Humidity. How will it affect them.
I have my spider for color correction of the screen and will have to learn to "read" in to the behavior of the screen.
Those things I have learnt from a book by Dan Margulis, and how to color correct by numbers is going to come in handy now. I will feel a lot better when color correcting, knowing that the numbers are never affected by the light in the workspace.



Submitted by Guðrún on

Yes, it will be interesting to see what to take along with you, I am sure it will be a wise decision. And then I guess there will be on in reserve......
Hope the sale went well yesterday.

Submitted by milyovsky on

Perhaps it will be one of those disposable cameras. Do not laugh. I have seen them used when all else failed. Any picture is better than no picture at all.


Submitted by kristjan on

Barry you are so right I should have one laying around just in case.

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