Diving in Utila Honduras

There is a world that we have for some time wanted to explore but have not had the opportunity to do so. We found that opportunity now and are using it to the fullest. The world where blue colors gradually take over as you sink your self in to the magic of this world.

This world is beneath the surface of the sea. This time the Caribbean sea. This world is so completely different that I am stunned. When you are floating or hovering above the coral its like a giant exhibition. Every where you look there is a canvas of colors and forms to be looked at and time gets easily lost. I think I could stay under there for hours if it would be allowed by human lung but as air tanks and safety rules are the limit one can only dive so much.

Yes we went diving. Not snorkeling but diving deep down into the ocean. Maybe not so deep but deep enough so far it is 16m. We decided to take an course in Open water diving and get our PADI certificate as such diver. This allows you to dive down to 18m but you never dive to your limits.

After talking with people on the road we decide to do this in Honduras. We thought about doing it in Belize as the second largest coral reef of the world is there but after talking to diversin Belize, the bay Islands in Honduras had to be the right plays. Everybody pointed in that direction and the reef stretches all the way down there to. Decision was made to go to the Island of Utila as it is smaller and cheaper than Roatan and find a Diving school there.
We got lucky and found Parrot dive center where we have met some grate people that will be friends for live and maybe we will dive with some of them again later.

There are some dive sites in Iceland that I would like to try out but for some of them you need an advanced course. So there is nothing to do but stay in school. I do not fear for that as Alfred our instructor is such a grate teacher that I definitely want to get more degrees down here. It was some heavy work going for the first degree and few exams to be taken but the next step is supposed to be easier. After few more days we will hopefully be PADI certified as advanced divers and have the rights to dive down to 30m go see the Stryta (underwater hot spring) up in north Iceland and dive at Thingvellir where the water is crystal clear. I do not hope but know it is going to be fun as we will be diving in wrecks and learn to master the buoyancy so we can hover over those corals and enjoy their beauty, forms and how the lights plays with them.

The inhabitants of this world are so colorful and curious and you have nothing to fear (except if you are diving with dangerous jelly fish and sharks in Australia)as they are not hostile, This world is so tranquil that I find underwater photography get in my way of enjoying. I still love taking pictures deep down and will hopefully do more of it in the future, but now I am going down there just to observe and learn about this abyss --meet you by the coral.