Money in Belize

How to get money in Belize

There are many guide books that will tell wrong facts about the currency, money exchange and ATM's in Beize. Let alone some other things. Lonely Planet is one of them Fodors an other so be sure you have the latest version of your travel guide and check their website for latest updates.
Trouble with guide books is that they get only updated frequently so you have to check few things out on your own.

The fact is that the most used currency in Belize is the Belize dollar even though the US dollar is widely accepted.

Other fact is that the Belize banks have stepped in to the 21 century an you can now get money with international credit and debit cards most every where.

The competition has risen and foreign banks have entered the market. The Belize banks are also widely promoting the use of Credit and debit cards so the amount of ATM through out the country is multiplying.

So don't think you have to travel with a briefcase full of dollars. You can get the Belize dollar easily there.