Old Belize

Old Belize

A 10 minute drive West from Belize City (by km 5) brings you to a white sandy beach (about 350 feet long) with waters varying in depth from 2 ft. - 10 ft. In the horizon about 7miles to the East, is the second largest living barrier reef in the world - 180 miles long.

Here some boats are at the harbor and Rv's and Motorhomes are welcome to camp here. There is electricity and water and security guard at night.
The restaurant Sibunbite has wifi and there is also an ATM in side that accepts international cards.

This little bay has various activities to choose from. On the beach you can dip into the Caribbean Sea, lounge under one of the palapas or a coconut tree with your favorite drink, or bask in the sun for a bit.
Add to it a fun on fridays with Karaoke bar (we did not dare to sing) and a happy hour from 5 -8 and you can have fun.

The story of Old Belize

Around the mid 50's, a Florida vegetable farmer came to Belize with the intention of growing vegetables (among them cucumbers) and exporting them to the U.S.A. in the winter months. He set up farms around the village of Burrell Boom and used this port to package and load vessels bound for the U.S.A., hence the name Cucumber Beach.

Francis "Cisco" Woods, had always had a passion for boats and marine life and for years had dreamed of being able to actually work with and around boats and the ocean. In early 2000 this dream began to take shape as Francis and his father, John Woods, tossed around ideas on how to construct a display to depict Belize's marine offerings. On a family vacation to Atlanta they were inspired by a trip to an aquarium and envisioned constructing something similar.
The idea evolved into the concept for Old Belize; a Marina and Beach.

Check out their homepage www.oldbelize.com

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