Happy new year

It is strange spending new years evening on the beach. Some thing that we are not custom to in Iceland. This is what we did in El Salvador. We where close to El Tunco and the beaches there are supposed to be one of the better ones for surfing. I know nothing of this as the closest I have gotten to surf is body surfing on a wave, which is fun and more in the way of tumbling around like in a washing machine.

 surfing in El Salvador

We had a nice romantic evening at the camping place we found and then walked to the beach and fired of some firework. For many Icelanders this is a party time and all hell brakes loose after midnight when thousands of people head down town partying.
Here in El Salvador it is a family thing. One restaurant owner I talked to said it was impossible to get people to work. They want to be with their family. This is why nothing was going on even though this was a surf beach with some surf dudes and dudesses ready to party. Family comes first. Then work. Thing that icelanders as well as many other countries should think of.

It is important to work, but it is more important to spend time with the family just like the El Salvadorians did at the beach here around the new year, than work extra time for the newest type of TV.
Materialism is killing us. Killing the good in us and making us slaves. Slaves to the "new world order" which is the worst sentence I have heard in a long time.

If you search for Bildenberg and "New world order" you will see what i mean. There are couple of new Hitlers out there. People that newer seem to have enough power or money. People that feel so bad for them self that they have to enslave and rule others to justify their living.

Things do not have to be bad. They can be so good. Just if we let loose the child in us once in a while and enjoy life with the family. Nourish the brain with a good book even a movie and then take a walk in the nature or around our neighborhood and see that life is good but we can still make it better. A good start is to learn about different cultures and learn to respect them.

Lets make that our new years resolution each year.