Benzi goes to Bergen

Norway Bergen by night in Winter


It's a wishful thinking that Benzi will some day arrive at the harbor of Bergen, but who knows. I am planing a trip to Bergen and Gudny is already there. Due to circumstances We have not been able to travel as much as we liked in Norway even though we did take Hyppo for a fine ride this somer in Sogn og fjordane, Möre og Romsdal and all the way up to Trondheim. Norther we did not get last summer but will hopefully get there this summer. I fear that it will not be in Hyppo as he is on his last breath these days and I doubt that it will pay of to fix it. But one should never say never.

Maybe we will se you on the road in the near future and perhaps parked at the new RV center Bergen is going to build down town in the harbor area.

Happy roaming