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Made in Iceland

Young woman by the name of Clara harden took on the hard task of traveling alone by foot in Iceland. I have deep admiration for people that do because its far from being as easy as one might think. She has made a very nice video abot here trip and you can enjoy it here:





Even the best plans are not planed enough


Some times the best of plans do not go as planed. As life is to be unexpected, because else it would be boring, just like on the road, at home you have to be prepared to alter the otherwise fine plan of yours. 
We had given us three to five year plan, when we headed home from our trip. Hoping that the three year plan would work and we could be on the road again with in that time frame. Unfortunately we did not have the financial crisis in Iceland in our plans, nor did we have death of a family member there either, even though that is some thing one can always expect, and less did we think about our own health as a obstacle.



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