These are our camping locations during our trip through Baja California in Mexico. Here you will both find our dry camping locations (boondocking) and campsite locations and GPS coordinates with google map for the places

El Requesón beach, Baja California

Motorhomes and RV lined up at El Requesón beach, Baja California

Fine line of campers and motorhomes. One of the most beautiful beach on all of the Baja not expensive and here you can deal for weeks or months which you might really want to stay

Type of camping: 
Dry camping
Short description: 
Sand reef
Extreemly nice and beautiful location

Ligui beach , Baja California

Tranquility at Ligui beach in Baja california a man sitting by campfire with his inflatable Kayak

In our minds the most beautiful place in all of Baja. Here we spent about two weeks and went out in our kayak fishing trigger fish. I had a blast taking pictures of Pelicans. Unfortunately this is a place in great danger of being developed in to a tourist resort. That would be a killer. So enjoy i while you can Enjoy a calm night watching the Island of Dansante at sunset


Type of camping: 
Short description: 
Beach with great view
UNESCO world heritage site