Cascade River State Park

Fish, bait and tackle shop in Grand Marais

Last day for now in USA, heading towards Canada, We took the bikes out and took a tour to Grand Marais. Its only 10 miles. You have to stop on the way an get some donuts in the worlds graetest donuts shop, or some white fish as we did to.
The donuts shop keeps record over their guest and countries and it turned out that we where the second couple from Iceland to visit them.

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State Park

Craggy dome - blue ridge Parkway

Evening scene over blue clouds and green forrest of Smokey Mountains on Blue ridge parkway

It was not the first day of heavy huffing and puffing for Benzi and I was far from understanding how bad he was and why he overheated so much. It would later turn up why and in fact it should not have made it at all. But easy does it.

The great Smokey Mountains


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Parking place by nformation center