We have been hanging out in Placencia in Belize the last couple of days and have had a grate time. This is an old hippy kind of colony, not much more than a sand reef and here things are still pretty basic. But things are changing and they are changing fast. Francis Ford Coppola has already built a resort hotel here and there are streams of Americans coming in buying up all the lots around and planning for more resorts. We fear that this is one more of those places which evolution is killing.

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Leaving Belize

It is always difficult to leave places you like. It was again the feeling we got when Leaving Placencia. Not only where we leaving Placencia but Belize.
I think it is even worse as you are not only leaving places but also people you have gotten to know and you are not heading home. You are heading on and have no knowledge about the people or situation a head. Still we where heading for Guatemala and knew that the people there are outstanding nice and good.

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