Music for my mother

First of I have to send birthday wishes for our daughter and My father in law. They celebrated their birthday last week when we where out of contact.

On to the music thing.
I have ben toying with different things now and Music is one of them. It is all done for the future of my multi media shows I am planing. I have toyed with multi media before but with the new Garage band software things are a bit easier as I can now have more control and write the music the way I like it.

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image from Lamani ruins in Belize

There are tour companies on both sides of the toll bridge just 5 km out side of Orange Walk town.


Money in Belize

How to get money in Belize

There are many guide books that will tell wrong facts about the currency, money exchange and ATM's in Beize. Let alone some other things. Lonely Planet is one of them Fodors an other so be sure you have the latest version of your travel guide and check their website for latest updates.



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