The country Canada

Grief in heart (but not much)

Its bin a wonderful time up in the Rocky's and it is with grief in heart that we have left, but as we get closer to Vancouver the hotter it gets and just about time to change from the woolen underpants to shorts. It feels nice. Now there is also the opportunity to go fishing. We have done so much Hiking through such a wonderful areas that it will take some time to process all that beauty.


Cold in Canda

Its getting cold in canada by now.
We have been traveling and hiking in the Canadian Rockies. This place is closer to heaven on earth than I imagined.
I could very well stay here for ever.
Still we will be moving out of here now as there where 0°C in the car this morning. The second morning in a row that its so cold. October greets with harsh cold and the colors, those amazing colors of nature are starting to fade away.



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