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Workflow Xlll

So where do we stand now in all these informations.

you should be able to figure out things by now and build up a good system. Still there are all the software to take a look at. That will have to wait.

Workflow Xll


The most important link in archiving and finding images are keywords. That is when you put tags or describing words to the image. Even though you can in a dataabase look up images by just about any thing, keywords ar just about as important as description if not more so. It is much easier to find images by keywords thatn by caption as the caption does not neccesary have the same keywords to look for. There for it is not nessecary that you will have words like bright summer day in a description of an image you are looking for. On the otherhand if the image has these keywords you could search for bright+summer+day+Reykjavik and thus get all images taken on a bright summer day in Reykjavik.


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