Alive I think ;Þ

We are back from the hiking trip we took in the Copper Canyon area. This was the most difficult hike we ever have done and we are verry tierd after it but happy.
We managed to get lost, climb up and down Canyons,meet with the turist terrifier "El Loco", sleep in a cave in middel of a mountain, get lost again, sleep in an abandoned moutain cabin, get thursty, need water, find water but get thursty a gain and then get lost again before we got on track.

On thing is clear, if planing to travell in this area, get a guide at least a GPS and all the maps that you can find. There is no way to trust a single the map, we had been warned but not strongly enough. Pahths are just about every where and difficult to follow because they are the road system of the Tamahumara Indians.

Still this area is fantastic and the view we got superb.

We are recovering from soar foot, blister scratches, cactus thorns and that thurst that seemd endless.

Verry soon we will post some images on flickr from the trip.