Even the best plans are not planed enough


Some times the best of plans do not go as planed. As life is to be unexpected, because else it would be boring, just like on the road, at home you have to be prepared to alter the otherwise fine plan of yours. 
We had given us three to five year plan, when we headed home from our trip. Hoping that the three year plan would work and we could be on the road again with in that time frame. Unfortunately we did not have the financial crisis in Iceland in our plans, nor did we have death of a family member there either, even though that is some thing one can always expect, and less did we think about our own health as a obstacle.

Mainly due to those two reason things have changed and so have our plans. We are not going to have it like the Chinese and set up a 500 year plan just to be safe, but are going to have it like the russian and set up a five year plan. Plan that then can be postponed for other five years if needed. Thus with in the next five years we are going to hit the road agian.

That in it self does not mean that we will not travel. We wil just not travel by truck at the moment, but we have also Hippo the small camper and it is at the moment stationed in Norway (where I am currently working) so who knows what might happen.

While we are gathering our strength and writing up new plans so we can take Benzi the expedition vehicle again on the road, I am at last reworking the Benzi site and it is going to be filled with goodies in the coming years.

So keep them wheels rolling but dont stray to far and keep coming back because I will be adding new things every week that will be helpful to you stray cats in find your road to nowhere.