Much to read about images

Boy oh Boy do I have a lot for you to read.

I have finally finished my main chapters on workflow and now you should be able to get the hang of things and start sorting out your library. The sooner the better

Unfortunately I can not accept comments on those articles as this seems to be a hot topic and spam spiders have found a way to post garbage and shit on my website. I thought the database system we are using was free of that.

The bright side of this is that our site is found and starting to get better known around the world of photographers and travelers.

I decided to dump all this techno mambo jambo in here now so I can turn to working on my images and do some writing for you who do not care about these things.

There is a lot I would like to write about at the moment and it is boiling in my head. Hopefully I will get it out soon.

We are in La Paz and will be here at least to monday now. We have been preparing every thing for the trip further. We have also been fixing things that have broken down.

Maybe I will tell you about the tire rack next time I am on line. It was probably not far from killing us.

But we are safe and sound and Guðný is getting better from the poisoning.

Till next time.


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