Music for my mother

First of I have to send birthday wishes for our daughter and My father in law. They celebrated their birthday last week when we where out of contact.

On to the music thing.
I have ben toying with different things now and Music is one of them. It is all done for the future of my multi media shows I am planing. I have toyed with multi media before but with the new Garage band software things are a bit easier as I can now have more control and write the music the way I like it.

I have been wondering if should publish the first song that I really like. Last night my mother visited me in my dream and I had a band play the music for here. As this is not possible now I have decided to publish it here and deticate it to here.

Hope you like it and the technology works

P.S I have now learnt that the technology does not work for every body. Even though I tested this on two different PC computers. You need to have a Quick time player installed

You can also by right clicking with the mouse (ctrl click on mac) on this link here and go to save as, download the file and play it in music software of your computer. It is an .mp3 file that plays on any computer

In the future I will have to find the way of publishing it for both Mac and pc and go some other routs. Yes I said in the future because there will be more. :Þ

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