No engine sound in Eunice

The morning is not up to a great start. Or one should say no start at all.No sound from the engine. I the super mechanic who''''s only knowledge about cars is that they have tires and a steering wheel scratch my head.

Nothing to do but dive in there and see if there is any thing to be found out. There is supposed to be something called a battery in the truck. Maybe it has died. Like many other things I am told it might happen from time to time.

It took even me not long time to find out what the problem was. The connections on the battery where badly put in place and where hanging loose. This caused one of the poles to burn or should we say melt down.

Through a big help from a young man in a electronics shop here by we could order new batteries and have them delivered to us. While waiting I used the time to scrub all connections and clean them in hope this will not happen again.

We had a short stop in the devastating heat in Lafayette.

In the end we managed to drive away and late at night we found a camping place close to New Iberia. The pink dressed vision that met us once we got hold of the owners was like we had walked into a Woddy Allen movie. Strange but nice people and the husband not very eager to get up from the tv to show us around.

We had a good nights sleep