We have been hanging out in Placencia in Belize the last couple of days and have had a grate time. This is an old hippy kind of colony, not much more than a sand reef and here things are still pretty basic. But things are changing and they are changing fast. Francis Ford Coppola has already built a resort hotel here and there are streams of Americans coming in buying up all the lots around and planning for more resorts. We fear that this is one more of those places which evolution is killing.

We managed to find a parking spot for the camper in center of town close to the public beach. It was more quiet than we expected and nobody made any remark about us staying there. The Police station is just a cross the field on other site of the main street so we felt secure all the time. The locals took us like we had always been there and greeted us in the morning when we got out site and walked to the beach to have the morning coffee.

In the vicinity are all the major pubs and clubs and we got to be like barflies at happy hour at Barefoot, one of the most popular beach bar. Here all the local foreigners met for a chat along with some tourists. It was a nice change to be able to have a good conversation in English and reminds us that we need to pick up more spanish vocabulary in the future.

If you are interested in coming here do so with in the next 5 years because there is a good chance that this small town will loose its natural charm and Americanized resorts will have mostly taken over, even though it will never be the same horror as Cancun.

Having said that I have probably never be for on our journey seen as much business opportunity as here. I had some offers to go into business in Mexico but felt it neither was the right place nor the right time. Now I know that This is the place and the time, but I will not stay. I know it to be a wrong decision but I m just not ready yet.
Belize has in fact surprised us a lot.
When looking at other travelers route through Central America, most all of them only stop for little more than a week in Belize. In a way it is not surprising as the country is not long and you can drive from one border to the next in no more than 10 hours.

Most people told us that we should go out to the keys. The locals on the other hand said we had nothing to do there. It is pricey and developed and just lot of tourists. Of course there is more than that and here you have the options of diving, snorkeling and fishing.
Just out side of Belize is the second biggest barrier reef in the world filled with beautiful fishes and marine life. Unfortunately the weather has been such that we have not been able to go snorkeling. But that is alright. In stead we have met with lot of interesting and good people and have enjoyed the time here greatly.
I have not been doing much photography but still got some pictures taken. In stead I have finally manage to change the look of my other website , just about time. From now on all the updates at that site will be easier as I am now using the same database system there as here at Benzi.

But time is flying a way and we have left Belize and are in Guatemala now. The first aim is Tical and after that Rio Dulce.

There is no doubt in our minds that it will be as much fun in the future as it has been up till now. But Belizians should not be surprised if we came back soon.
Belize it or not.

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