The six pack fix

When on the road one sometimes has to be creative.
So as a practice for that, I did test my creativity, when in Houston the other day.

This one calls for a brave heart and big belly.

For this stunt you need:
Screw driver
Aluminum tape
six pack of Bud.
assorted clips

So what was I going to do with this stuff?

Well the exhaust pipe of the scooter was broken.
I tried to find the Yamaha dealer, that was supposed to be somewhere down the main road, here near by but could not find it.
After a tour to buy some food, and me being shouted at, I decided to try the six pack fix, before going for any further adventures on the scooter.

So first of to get brave enough to fix the scooter you buy a six pack of Bud.

While drinking the six pack, you get the exhaust pipe from the scooter. Boring at first, but gets more fun as you drink more.

Just about when the exhaust pipe comes of the scooter you should be finished with the Bud.

Then you cut of top and bottom of the cans and thread them on to the exhaust pipe.

Next you take the hammer and form the Bud so it fits well around the pipe.

Then you ad on some clips

Wrap every thing in aluminum tape.

And try to put the exhaust pipe on the scooter again. (If you can figure it out how this bl**** thing is supossssed to tuuuuurnnnn). At this point you need more Bud or strong coffee

You take a brake get more Bud (coffee might be better)and drink that before you dare to turn the key and check if things work.

Well did it work?

Not really, but there was a lot less noise coming from this thing. It at least got wrid of the IwannabeaHarley syndrome. I will still have to find some Yamaha dealer :þ