Strange vibes in New Orleans

New Orleans is as New Orleans is. Nothing like it was my wife says. There are strange vibes lurking around in the city. I am not fully at ease.

There is slow progress we are told, mainly in the central area. Lot of damage in the suburbs. We decide not to go there. To much have been going on in New Orleans lately, killings and theft. A shame for otherwise beautiful city.

We park the truck by the convention center and pay for parking the staff is puzzled about our request but as long as we pay things are ok.

We did not even check out the Rv parks in or close to New Orleans. We had done some reading and it seemed that half of them was gone. The other half filled with people with housing problems.We did not want to take their space.

I woke up in the night to sirens and flashing blue lights. Then loudspeakers and I had a look. They where arresting some one on the highway. I went back to sleep.