Suchitoto in El Salvador

Suchitoto is a small colonial town in central part of El Salvador named after a náhuatl Word that means "Bird-Flower".

Church on Central Plaza in Suchitoto El Salvador">
Church on Central Plaza in Suchitoto, El Salvador

Our visit there proofed to be one of the most pleasant of all in our El salvador part of the trip.

Built with cobblestone streets, colonial houses, rich cultural traditions, and panoramic views of Lake Suchitlán, Suchitoto is a tranquil city with a relaxing atmosphere that centers around the Central Plaza.

In the twentieth century, Suchitoto was one of the towns most affected by the armed conflict that El Salvador suffered through (1980-1992). The municipality lived in desperate circumstances due to the scourge of war confrontations and the suspension of potable water, energy, electricity and public transportation services.
The cruelty of the war decimated the population, paralyzed economic activity, and almost reduced Suchitoto to a ghost town.

Man sailing his boat on Suchitlán Lake

With the signing of the Peace Accords in 1992 the city raised itself up from the ashes of the war and began its rebirth.
The titanic effort of exemplary Suchitotoans made it possible in just a few years to leave behind the deep wounds of the conflict in order to reemerge as one of the main tourist destinations of Central America. With faith in the flourishing of art, in the recovery of customs, and in the devotion solemn religious acts and traditions.

Relaxing near the plaza´s fountain and watch the sky behind the church change colors at dusk is a must if you stay here.
Spend the afternoon sipping coffee at one of the restaurants that encircle the Plaza and watch the daily life of Suchitoto pass by. On other occasions, enjoy the sounds of musical performances and fiestas that take place at the Central Plaza.

Even though it is a tranquil place there is lot to do and lot of art and history to be explored, all depending on your time of visit. In february you get the month long art festival and in august you have the corn harvest celebration just to name few.
Among the interesting things to do there is a visit to Casa-Museo de Don Alejandro Cotto.

Elderly men at the town center in Suchitoto El Salvador

Constructed by the famous Salvadoran filmmaker and writer Don Alejandro Cotto, the Casa-Museo displays treasures (religious images, paintings, furniture) that reflect the cultural histories of Suchitoto and El Salvador, as well as the artistic career of Mr. Cotto. Spectacular gardens filled with flowers, trees, fountains, trails, and magnificent views of Lago Suchitlán complement the house to make it an unforgettable experience.

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