Surprising El Salvador.

Surprising El Salvador.

Washing corn at the market in Concepcion de Ataco.

El Salvador has taken us with a surprise. We have been here (once again) longer than most travelers. This in fact is good as we feel that we are seeing much more of the country than the average tourist.

We are now in the artistic town of Suchitoto and are going to stay there for the next couple of days. We where going to stay here for a day or two but have since then learnt about tours we can take as well as kayaking and then if I feel up to it there are lot of birds migrating in this area now (thought to be about 350 different species) so there is plenty to do.

At last we have fine internet connection so we will be able to answer all the letters we have gotten lately and will update the site with images and stories.

Jumping dog

There are lot of stories to be told as usually and I have managed to get some pictures to. Food fair, coffee, some of the best in the world, hiking and more.

So stay tuned the next days.

Best Kristjan and Guðný



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Skil ekkert í ykkur að kíkja ekki við hjá mér í Berlí Usulutan (rétt hjá Allegria) buinn að vera þasr i 2 ár að byggja virkjum.
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El Salvador is a beautiful place. People there are really nice...I went 6 years ago to help children in need at little schools. It was a wonderful experience and you get to know their culture a lot.