USA My Way - the book is here

I Have at last finsished the work on My first book from our extensive travel trouhg the United Stades. Its been a headace to finish but also a joy filled with longings for returning on the road again.

The book is a self publish book through Blurb. You can get a preview in the widget. Hope you enjoy Exerpt from the intro wich is both in English and Icelandic: USA My Way is a flow of images that chased me rather than me chasing after them. In the year 2006 me and my wife sold all our worldly goods and started, along with our dog, a journey in to insecurity. In Texas USA we bought a camper and in it, we traveled for two years, through USA, Canada, Mexico and Central America. ....... USA my way is the photographers search for him self, search for the amateur in him self as well as a travel diary in the form of a prose, but in the end it is a work of its own that hopefully asks as many questions as it answers. USA my way is a documentary work in the sense that the way things where, that is the way they where captured. Each frame is the whole frame as it was framed with choice of the camera and lens, and nothing has been taken away nor any thing added. On top of that, digital development was kept at its minimum This is USA, My Way, flowing to me, as it was, at that time, when I felt the way I felt. 2010 Kristjan Logason