We are finally leaving Suchitoto

We are finally leaving Suchitoto.

Not that it is so boring here or this a bad place but it is more than a time to get going. We where leaving 10 days ago when the dog got sick so we had to stay.

In the mean time we went to a concert held by a german sitar player. Part of the ongoing art festival that is held each and every year here in Suchitoto. There can be lot learnt from it. It is a private entrepreneur that has made it possible and every thing is for free. Just for people to enjoy. Jazz classical music, opera and other art. You could say that this is art festival for the people.
Icelands art festival, held every year, has become huge and very highly respected, but costs of things is so high that ordinary people can not attend more than one event the most.
There is a need for peoples art festival more than the elite art festival. Art is like life. It is for people to enjoy not some few chosen once.

We did a lot of work and then this week we went on a two day kayak trip between two of the dams up here. Strange trip with some strange but nice people. Salvadorian guys and two girls one from Germany and one from Switzerland.

Now we are heading towards the border of El Salvador and Honduras. Hoping to be next week down by the beach, but as usually when we are traveling we do not know any detail and just find out things on a day to to day basis.