The six pack fix

When on the road one sometimes has to be creative.
So as a practice for that, I did test my creativity, when in Houston the other day.

This one calls for a brave heart and big belly.

For this stunt you need:


The story

It is funny how things evolve.
Sometimes, out of pure necessity, you have to make a decision that you are not all that sure about weather is the right one. This is what we did.

In the year of 1998 we bought a house that we had rented and was put up fore sale. This property was not the best one (vaguely stated) and we knew that we would have to either totally rebuild it or rip it to pieces and build a new one on the land. The land actually has enough space for two houses.


Madly cursing mechanic

The madly cursing Mechanic

It was obvious from the moment I saw the mechanic that would work on Benzi, that he would solve the problem.
In the morning I had walked in to the garage and asked about when and if they could fix my problem that day. This guy was then working on an other truck and was probably the filthiest of all the workers in there. This did put my confidence in him.