The sun works

The sun works.

It had been apparent for some while that things where not right when it came to our house batteries.
They where not keeping the charge and newer lasted long. We had to limit our use of electricity and it was giving me some problems working.


Rv travelling

Benzi crossing a wood bridge on the way to Gales Point in Belize I get a lot of questions regarding our little camper. Mostly if it is custom built or manufactured. Well it is not manufactured and few 4 x 4 are. There are though shops around the world that custom build them, but most of them are in europe. Still in USA there are few. When I was looking for a rig that we could use for our trip I had no real knowledge of what I was looking for. I spent tremendous amount of time on the net searching for the right car in USA and Canada.


Disaster strikes

Some days just seem to be disastrous. They start like that and end like that.
This was the case the day we left La Paz.

We where ready to go but Benzi was not. The first try of starting the car there was not a sound. Nothing happened. For some reason I have still not found out the batteries where drained. So out came the charger and we charged the truck. Few quarters later the car purred like a cat and off we went to get Propane as we knew where it was to be gotten and we where getting low.

Longest honeymoon in history

I have often Joked about our trip being the longest honeymoon in history. I do not know if this is true, but it sounds funny.
Any way it has been a year to day since we started our Journey. It is hard to belive that a year has passed since we stepped aboard a plain and flew to Baltimore. Let alone beliving this is the longest time I have been away from Iceland at one time.


Flaming hot

Fewer connection means lack of update

Unfortunately we are experiencing lack of internet connections lately. There seems to be more security around here in Oaxaca than has been before and lot more of the connections are locked here in Mexico than in USA. Therefor there has not been much of an update lately.