Long beach, parking lot

Postboxes at longbeach, louisiana 9 months after Hurricane Katrina

Parking lot on the beach. Once again we had witnessed the devastation of Huricane Katrina and at the million dollar beach was nothing but a bunch of postboxes set up fore those that had used to live there. A police officer we talked to the day after gave us the horrendous story of the night when Katrina hit the beach and he was out there trying to rescue things.


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Parkinglot on the beach

New Orleans, Parkinglot

Lt. Gen. Russel Honore talking to woman in New Orleans

They found us strange those that worked at the parking lot above the harbor and conference center, but agreed to letting us stay there when we told them there was no other place to stay. All campgrounds that had not been damaged because of the flood where of course full.

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Parking lot
cheaper than campground but not cheap


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