Just when you thought you had seen it all, we bring you the funfactor of rv and rv life. Videos and images of strange and funny rv related things, what is life with out some (rv) fun any way

The old rollin log home

loghome rv

Im not sure I would like to take this log home rv a world tour but cruisin the states might be fun. Just be sure to bring some wood tools to work on the home. photo by Whatknot

Blue monster chrysler

1960s Chrysler station wagon RV

Some ideas just seem to be to wild to function still they do just as with this blue 1960s Chrysler station wagon found in San Francisco by Telstar Logistics

Scary face RV

Scary face RV

You might come to a screeachig halt if you get to close to this one in traffic and lets hope you do not wake up ti it next to yours one morning. but it shure is a nice paint job. 

Found this image on flickr and t was taken by katiedee47

The russian RV rullete

Even though it looks like a rappers rusted bling bling and sounds like Madonna on mute in the bathroom this green frog got some surprise for you. The Russians know how to make Rednecks rocking chair RV.