Just when you thought you had seen it all, we bring you the funfactor of rv and rv life. Videos and images of strange and funny rv related things, what is life with out some (rv) fun any way

The beatle bug

Who ever said that the beatle was just a bug and you would need a heavy duty truck to tow a trailer might just have to eat it. Tha is his words not the beatle.

This demonstraition video is just brilliant.


The special rv space saver

These Japs don't give you craps, that's for sure. I have seen some nice RV slide outs and ups and even downs in mud but this one is the strangest so far. Kudos to the Japs for their cramped style

Motorcycle madness

Motorcycle RV

If you forgot your hairdryer do not worry. Just take your rv for a short spinn and case is closed.

This motorcycle rv was posted on a blog and there are no informations to be had unfortunatelly.

Inovative redneck RV

Well well well if you cant have it all try to have it all in the one you can have . This is what we could call an innovative redneck RV.