Just when you thought you had seen it all, we bring you the funfactor of rv and rv life. Videos and images of strange and funny rv related things, what is life with out some (rv) fun any way

Put the power infront of your trailer

If you are going to empty the garage into the traveltrailer before you hit the road and even put grandma on the top, then be shure you do have enough horsepower to pull the load.



Zen and the Jack Rebney art of rv sales

First rule on the road when some thing goes wrong is to relax. Put on the kettle and have your self some tea or coffee. Then figure out how you are going to solve the problem. Doing the monkey dance like Jack will do you little help but boy is it fun to watch All the better that he, him self has the humor for this.


Float the goat

What is there to say about an idea as this one. Madness. Brilliance. Genius idea or what. I know that we have big wheels on Benzi and the snorkel so we can dive into a river or two but this got my mind pondering. Float a rvbusboat in one goat.