The story

It is funny how things evolve.
Sometimes, out of pure necessity, you have to make a decision that you are not all that sure about weather is the right one. This is what we did.

In the year of 1998 we bought a house that we had rented and was put up fore sale. This property was not the best one (vaguely stated) and we knew that we would have to either totally rebuild it or rip it to pieces and build a new one on the land. The land actually has enough space for two houses.

As we did not have much money (had to borrow it all) when we bought, we decided to wait as long as we could in hope that the price of property would rise and we could thus mortgage the property and collect enough to build a new one.
This was a long time of waiting. Sometimes terribly cold. Some times very exiting when the game of cat (us) and mouse (the mice and all other insects) was played out.
We did the minimum of repair to the house and avoided all costly things.

Then suddenly things started to escalate.
The property tax was raised, not once but twice and this did in fact change the price of the land. While some people protested and got their property taxes lowered, we thought in the long run this would have good effect on the price of our land and house. There for we paid this gladly.

Then the bidding for land in the area of Reykjavik and neighborhood started and finally all hell broke loose and the prices of property skyrocketed.
At this time we had started the drawing process and preparation of building a new house. 8 years had passed by and there was no patience left towards the house and living conditions.

As we new this would take about a year of planing plush some of building, Kristjan went on to put tiles in the bathroom, so we would have a nice bath for christmas and good memory of the house and Guðný was making mosaic tiles for the front of the bath. This is where Kristjan finally had enough of the house when he found out that under the bath (behind the front cover) there was no concrete floor. It had never ever been there.

In the middle of things Kristjans phone rang. Kristjan dropped the cement spade in to the bucket (where it is still stuck) with relief of being interrupted from this horror.

A voice on the other end said.

Voice: "Are you willing to sell."

K: "You know I have always been willing to sell for the right price."

Voice: " Well you have said no three times. this time you can't refuse my offer."

K: "O.K name me the price and we'll see."

The voice on the phone named its offer and then came silence. Kristjans little brain started working, got in to overload and said.

K: "Consider the property sold."

O.K said the voice.: "I'll have my team of lawyers write up the agreement to morrow and you can go over it with your lawyers. Is your sister going to be your lawyer on this?."

k: "Yes she will, if she can, as she is at the moment working for the States Housing Financing Fund."

Voice: "Oh. OK"

k: "Just give me some time to call my wife and i will get back to you with in an hour."

It took Guðný only 5 minutes to think this through and I got back to the bidder.

K: "We have an agreement. The property is yours. Send me a draft of the proposal to morrow."

Then one week passed by, and another, and the third and no sound from the bidder, nor could he be reach by phone.

Christmas came and after Christmas we thought about what to do.

We had given our word on selling the property, but the bidder could not be reached. The bathroom was still half tiled as there was no point in continuing when the house was considered sold and we would leave it with in three months.

There where three things to do.

Go to court and let the bidder keep his word.
Put the property up for sale officially
or just keep on going from where our life had been interrupted.

The first thing was nothing but trouble.
The last thing was OK but while thinking about what to do once the property was sold, an old Idea had risen from its grave.
The urge to travel was strong. Very strong and in our planing for house building, we had realized that we where going to sacrifice as little money as possible on a housing project, in order to have some money and time to travel.

Thus the Idea had risen again. Why not sell it all. Pay of all debts and use what ever is left to travel.
Would that be irresponsible of us. After a lengthy pause and some thinking (about 5 minutes). The answer was clear?

The decision had already been made. The house would be sold and the money used to travel.

So up came the " Fore Sale" sign and the planing began.